The Price list are just a guideline, every case is different and the price will be ajusted in each individual case, NOT Included in the price are  Hotel travel and diet expencess, that also will be agreed in each individual case. We travel worldwide where there is a need for it.

Financial Fraud & Forgery

Preventive Evaluation & Implementation

Head Quarter based Risk Management review

Head Quarter based Deep Due Dilligence Investigation

Head Quarter based  Anti Bribery and Money Laundery Investigation

                                                           Hour Based Payment for each started Hour.

Head Quarter based Financial Fraud Investigation

Head Quarter based Forgery Investigation

Head Quarter based Due Dilligence report and investigation

Head Quarter based Anti Corruption research and evaluation

Journalistik Evaluation & Investigation

                                                           Hour Based Payment for each started Hour.

Crime Scene Visit and travel investigation

Preventive evaluation & Implementation

We do travel Worldwide and make the deep Investigation, 

Fraud & Forgery cassified work is paid for each day,

starting from the day we start the travel,

til the day we are returned to Head Quarter

Payment for each day 

We evaluate Risk - Corruption - Anti Bribery - Anti Money Laundery.

Deep experience in locating the source and eliminate it,

set up the new Preventive system with the agreed Risk Tolerance.

Payment for each day

All Pricess are excluded Travel/Hotel and Diet expencess.

Each case will receive an Individual offer and estimated timeframe.

Pricess will however not exceed the mentioned at this site