Investigations lead to evidence this person will scam at any given opertunity

Enrique Moncada Portillo


He uses different former work, buisness and association positions to verify his doing and claim. He is Former Brand Manager Cafe del Mar.


Story about Café del Mar: Stating he build it up from nothing, research shows however it is a very doubtfull statement, claims the owners cheated him for 600.000 Euro wich after quote:”They own for him building up the brand” and it was a part of the agreement.

However we all know if this is and was the case, the Court could easy claim this money for him if it was like stated.


Story about opening a company: Enrique has helped open a company in Spain for a friend, and presented documents for signing. After problems started, the documents was shown to a lawyer, who stated “they were worth nothing”.

The made work in Denmark and the invoices made and money sent to the provided company account from Enrique, it started ok, but at one point Enrique stated that the Government blocked the account since the money came from Denmark. According to EU Law TFEU it is 100% legal to have a company in one EU state and operate in another, each business can choose their seat in the state they find most beneficial for the company.

However, there needed to be paid tax in Denmark, from the income, and Enrique refused to pay back the funds he used from the account. So there is a clear case of forgery and fraud.


Story about selling of titles: He has been caught in selling a title in behalf of Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich and further demanding titles for his private person as payment as well.

in the case/situation of selling the titles he used names and signatures of the Head of the House and Dynasty, and the name and signature of the Head of State.


Story about presenting new members of Orders: he standed in for them and said  they are good, loyal and legal clean people. Because of this several people who now commited fraud and child sex, who are searched by authorities or arrested.


Story about making a shelter: At this time we opened a due dilligence case on his new project Marbella Dream Schelters. it was presented by documents and mail as allready ongoing, to obtaine funds by selling stocks in the company, but it seems it was most a dream, not a shelter. Normally at this time the funds would be in place, But as we found, we could not see the capital was reached to execute the project, Further there is a lack of updates in progress towards stakeholders, Seems like investors, big as small was victims for another gold dream scam. VIVOS SHELTER MARBELLA  looks like it never will happening under the current Management.


There are several documents supporting all cases mentioned here, but since most are going to be used in Court, we cant publish it at this time, only what was in social media and accesable for several people.

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